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Culturally blend with Hispanic and Caribbean influence, Cuba has this particular feeling of a nation always cradled with music and dance. Everywhere you go, you can sense the importance of rhythms in the life of Cubans. Every occasion is an opportunity to listen to music and dance. The hot weather, the music and probably a bit the rum, lead to frenzied time, embracing body and sensual dancing only display here, in Cuba.
What we want, it is for you to experience this moving part of the Cuban culture and it is only among Cuban you'll be able to entirely live it. So just buy your ticket and learn Salsa, Merengue, Son, Cha Cha, Tango and Reggaeton during the day and go out the evening in the best nightlife part of Havana to show your moves, meet new friends, enjoy a mojito and dance all night long!
No matter you are looking for salsa courses or get your whole holidays built around dancing, no matter you are beginner or a confirmed dancer, we'll be able to give you a one life time experience in a friendly and professional atmosphere.


Salsa Lessons

Salsa lessons with your own Cuban dance partner.

Your dancing partner speaks English and Spanish. Other Languages may be available.


Choice of hotels in Havana and all over Cuba. Check on

Our British office is nearby the classes for expert advice, guidance, book an extra tours or just a chat!


Enjoy available extra dancing and cultural activities. Just ask a member of our team.

Other options available including Spanish lessons, daily tours...


cuba salsa classes

Salsa Classes

Havana, Arte Habana salsa school

1 week (5 sessions)
from 75 GBP
Cuban salsa dancers

Tropical Salsa Holidays

Havana, Casa del Son, Tropicana

7 nights, 5 days salsa classes
from 942.31 GBP


The root of Salsa music originated from the early 1900 in Eastern Cuba, in the area of Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo. It is a mix of Cuban Son and Afro-Cuban dance.

Cuban Salsa dance style is called Casino. In the old and decadent time of Havana, before the revolution, all the nightlife was happening in the Casinos, and so the dancing.

The Cuban Salsa dance style differs from other salsa styles. The Cuban one is much more circular, with the man turning around the woman.

It is say in Cuba that they are born with the salsa "casino" rythm in their blood. Although, with some training and a good teacher or partnair, you might be able to rich their level of confidence.

Salsa, like any dancing style, is not only about few moves put together. It is almost a way of life, a game of seduction.

Bruce Lee was a good Latin dancer. In fact, he was once Hong Kong’s Cha Cha Champion.

Salsa dancing as treatment. It is known that learning salsa helps to overcome anxiety and insecurity. Salsa is a way of feeling and being sexy. So if your are shy, book now a lessons or two, you won't regret it.


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